We are looking for participants that have experience in Acro Yoga so we can focus our time on sharing the art of teaching acrobatics with a yogic consciousness, moving well beyond the fundamentals. Acro Yoga is a fun filled yet serious practice with the potential to reconnect us to our inner child. The participatory, interactive and self-affirming energy of the Acro Yoga practice unites likeminded people from different walks of life. It has many practical and therapeutic applications both in the Acro Yoga community and the world at large.


Acro Yoga’s potential for dealing and helping people cope with trust issues is boundless since the root of the Acro Yoga practice is trust and acceptance. Acro yoga cannot exist without this bond and understanding between practitioners. As Acro Yoga teachers we must be present, to ensure a safe and nurturing environment for our Acro Yoga students. The mastery of the technique in our own Acro Yoga practice is the foundation we draw on for teaching Acro Yoga. How to communicate verbally and physically to our students the inner &outer experience are the skills we will explore in this Acro Yoga Teacher Training Intensive.


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 The power of teaching is the ability to share the inner & outer body experience with your students. At acroyoga montréal we give you the pedagogical foundations needed to transmit your inner & outer knowledge soundly, safely, and compassionately; drawing from a combined 100 plus years of teaching experience (Jessie Goldberg, Eugene Poku, Jill Campbell, Heidi Blais) in different movement modalities, Dance, Martial arts, Yoga, Acroyoga, Slackline, Hand Balance, and Functional movement.


It is the sharing of self that touches the student’s heart and fosters understanding and a desire for growth within both student and teacher. Knowing our place in the world only happens when we know our world. At Acroyoga Montreal there is no separation of acroyoga, yoga, and reality. To live apart from this world is not the goal but to transform ourselves and our societies rooted in a deep understanding of the Social, political and economic systems & institutions we engage in on a daily basis.


Acroyoga Montreal, come for the tricks and knowledge, stay for the wisdom and love!


Long live acroyoga in all its forms and expressions!


Big up,

Jessie & Eugene





Cordoba, Spain

September 30 – October 11, 2019



Antwerp, Belguim

April 21 - May 3, 2020



Long live acroyoga in all its forms and expressions

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